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5 Reasons Why You Need a Good Letting Agent

Do You Have Multiple Buy-to-Lets? Here’s 5 Reasons Why You Need a Good Letting Agent


For landlords and investors with a growing portfolio of BTLs (buy-to-lets), self-management can become unsustainable.


You want to focus your time and energy on expanding your portfolio, rather than filing paperwork, and chasing up on rent. Below are 5 ways a good letting agent can help you.


  1. They’ll Get You Better Rent

Over the years, established letting agencies will have rented out hundreds of properties in a given area.


Their local expertise will allow them to:


  • Accurately set your rent, given dozens of obscure factors


  • Choose the best types of tenants, and avoid bad ones


  • Market your property effectively — sometimes to high-paying relocation companies


Overall, this means that you’ll get better rent and less headaches.


  1. They’ll Find Good Tenants for You

If you’re an experienced landlord, you already know that bad tenants can be a huge drain of your time and money.


To reduce your chances of getting bad tenants, you need a thorough vetting process.


An agency will conduct a full vetting process, to find you reliable and honest tenants. Having vetted hundreds, if not thousands of people, they’ll be able to spot a bad tenant from a mile away.


Once your tenants are in situ, a good agency will inspect your property regularly, to make sure everything’s in order.


  1. They’ll Reduce Your Vacancy

Every landlord worries about their property remaining vacant for long periods of time. With a fully managed service, your agent will make sure that your tenants remain in situ for as long as possible.


If your tenants leave, then your agents will market your property online and in person, to quickly find new tenants.


  1. They’ll Deal With Unexpected Emergencies

When you let a property, problems will happen. Your tenants get locked out. Their dishwasher breaks down. But you have better things to do than call locksmiths or handymen.


With a fully-managed service, your letting agency will handle those emergencies. They’ll have reliable handymen and locksmiths on-hand, saving you those dreaded late-night call-outs.


  1. They’ll Handle the Legal Work, Inventory & Deposit

When you start your journey as a landlord, it’s worth doing the nitty-gritty stuff yourself. But if you have a large portfolio, or simply don’t like paperwork, then an agency can be a true blessing.


They will take care of the following:


  • Your legal obligations with Electrical and Gas Safety


  • Ensure your property has a valid EPC (Energy Performance Certificate)


  • Take a full inventory of your property


  • Manage the deposit, in a government-approved way


So a good letting agency will definitely reduce your workload, but is it worth it


That depends on how good your letting agency is.


And the truth is, there’s a lot of bad letting agencies out there. Ones that take your money, yet don’t do the work.


So, how can I choose a cost-effective letting agent, which will still deliver?


  1. Go online: remote agents have fewer overheads, so they can provide greater value at a lower cost, compared to traditional High Street agents


  1. Look at their reputation: bad agencies will have negative reviews from unsatisfied clients, good agencies will have multiple positive reviews.


TN Lettings are a member of the key property governing bodies, including UKALA, CMP, PRS and TDS.


Our customer reviews speak for themselves:

TN Lettings is the agent that cares about the landlord and the tenant. Family values and service are at the heart of everything they do.”


If you’re ready to reduce your stress, and get reliable cash flow from your portfolio, then speak with us today.



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