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How Do You Ensure Tenants Treat Your Property Like Their Own?
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How do you ensure tenants treat your property like their own?

There is no one single way to ensure your tenants are respectful towards your property, but there are a few things you can do to drastically improve your chances of getting that dream tenant.

Screen all tenants

The first and foremost tactic must be used prior to getting someone in your property, and this is screening.

Verify all the information they have provided;

Do they work where they say they work?

What are their earnings?

Do they have good credit?

Verifying the honesty of your tenant is critical, as a dishonest tenant will be more likely to be late with rent, conceal damage done to the property, or any number of other inconveniences and annoyances.

The simple fact is; honest tenants are better tenants.

Do your due diligence, or ensure your agent does in order to find you a good honest tenant.

Get to know your tenant

Another option is to have a sit down with your tenant over a cuppa - nothing invasive or untoward - just a friendly little chat.

Use your better judgment and decide if this person fits your requirements.

Do they seem like a good, honest and hardworking individual?

If so, you might have found yourself an ideal tenant - if not you might need to keep searching.

Set expectations

Another great way to encourage your tenant to treat the property as they would their own, is to lay out some strict standards.

You don’t have to be the moody-old-landlord; just politely describe your expectations and what you do and do not allow.

Make these standards high, as this will dissuade a lot of bad tenants to begin with, and the tenant you do select should behave well if they are even close to the standards you have laid out.

If you don’t want to take the risk, it might be a smart move to evaluate agents instead of tenants, and let them select a good tenant for you.

Need help finding a great tenant? 

For more help and advice finding a great tenant for your property get in touch with our friendly team today.

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